services for pregnant moms and dads.

  • In-office individual therapy: Pregnancy can provoke a host of emotions in parents-to-be. For those who had difficulty conceiving, the ups and downs of getting pregnant can leave you emotionally spent, even before baby arrives. For others, feelings about our own families of origin bubble to the surface and cause concern. Sometimes pregnancy can also create a high level of anxiety or depression for either the partner and the pregnant person, which if left untreated may result in postpartum depression and anxiety.

No matter what you are facing, now is an excellent time to invest in your well being and emotional health. Being calm and confident when baby arrives can get your family off to a great start. You can arrange appointments at either of her two offices (Park Slope or Union Square).  

  • In-office couples' therapy: Now is a wise time to invest in your relationship and make it as strong as can be. Couples' therapy can help work through thorny problems that can snowball once the pressures of parenthood arrive. Sometimes we have assumptions about what our roles are going to be based on our own family's culture that we take for granted--until they clash with our partner's own assumptions! Examining these can head off a lot of conflict in the future. Sometimes it's helpful just to have someone walk you through what to expect during the postpartum period-- both the excitement and the potential sense of loss of time, finances, space, career, etc. Addressing unresolved feelings from the past can also be very helpful in assisting you in moving forward. Investing in sessions to examine these or any other issues as a couple is time well spent. Your growing family needs you both to be pulling together instead of apart.