Prep For Success: Getting Ready For Baby

Do you want to find out how to really get ready for kids?   Let’s face it: having a child will rock your world.  You’ll learn what they don’t teach you in birthing classes:  how to navigate the emotional roller coaster that you’ll face once baby arrives with a sense of confidence and self-awareness.  Join us and learn:

  • how to feel calm and prepared as you face this challenging and wonderful change;
  • examine your fantasies and expectations about birth and having a child;&
  • learn what kind of support to get lined up and where to go to find it;
  • discuss how having a baby changes the dynamic within your relationship as a couple;
  • distinguish the “baby blues” from Postpartum Depression.

Plus, receive information on area parenting resources, leaving you ready to find your parenting groove. 

Contact to sign up for your private, in-home workshop or gather and host a group of expectant couples and your workshop is free!

Private workshops are $200/couple. Group workshops are $125/couple.