Pregnant? Prep for Success!

Many parents spend hours learning about and preparing for labor and birth. Childbirth education classes are great and I definitely recommend them. But, did you know that the average labor and delivery lasts about 24 hours? Most couples spend little if any time preparing for the postpartum period -- and that lasts years!

Join us for a private or semi-private Prep for Success workshop that will help you feel calm and prepared for baby. Our workshop lasts from 3-4 hours. We can hold the workshop in your home, or in my office. If you gather and host at least 3 couples in your home, your workshop is free! 

Do you want to find out how to really get ready for baby?   Let’s face it: having a child will rock your world.  Learn what other birthing classes don’t teach you— how to navigate the emotional roller coaster that you’ll face once baby arrives with a sense of confidence and self-awareness.  Join us and learn how to feel calm and prepared as you face this challenging and wonderful change that is about to happen to you and your partner. 

Topics covered include:

·         Fantasies vs. reality regarding birth and parenting: what to do when they don’t match up!

·         What kind of support you’ll need and where to get it.

·         Your changing relationship as a couple: communicate so you can grow together instead of apart.

·         Baby blues vs. Postpartum Depression: how to tell and how to deal.

·         Area resources you’ll need to know about so you can find your parenting groove fast…

·         And much more!

Both couples and individuals welcome.   

Contact to sign up for your private, in-home workshop or gather and host a group of expectant couples and your workshop is free! Private workshops are $200/couple. Group workshops are $125/couple, at least 3 couples required. Sign up today!