parent therapy

Olivia Bergeron, LCSW, is a parent herself, so she gets the challenges you are facing. While there are numerous therapists out there, not all take into account the specific context of parenting in NYC, with all of its stressors and benefits.  You already have plenty on your plate, so let's work together to get you feeling like yourself again, quickly, and with practical strategies.

Are you pulled in a million directions and don't have adequate time or emotional energy to be the person, parent, or partner you always hoped you would be?  A common refrain: "I'm doing so much, but nothing well. I feel like I'm failing." That's why finding your way back to center -- despite life's way of knocking us off center-- is key to Olivia's work with parents. Once you feel positive and in control, the whole family benefits. 

Olivia uses a combination of mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic and supportive therapies personalized to your needs. There is a strong emphasis on self care and the use of adjunctive therapies, like acupuncture is encouraged. 

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