What's the different between coaching and therapy?

Therapy is primarily focused on you as a person: your feelings, your relationships and getting to a better emotional place. Parenting coaching focuses on the best ways to develop a harmonious relationship with your child(ren): how to use loving guidance and connection so that your child will want to preserve their special relationship with you, leading to better behavior from them.

There is certainly overlap, as I am a trained psychotherapist and see all parent-child relationships through the lens of attachment. Attachment and bonding are much harder to achieve when you are not feeling your best, lack emotional support and are under stress, particularly during pregnancy and postpartum. If you've run yourself ragged, it's impossible to be your best as a parent, partner or person. That's why I will ask about and help you implement self-care strategies so that you can refill your own "well." And, if you've had a history of depression or anxiety, I'll help give you tools to manage the symptoms. Once the symptoms feel more under control, you'll have the energy to focus on making the lasting changes necessary to worry less and enjoy more.

Whether you opt to focus on you, or your parenting, or perhaps both, my goal is to help you develop the tools and insight you need to be the best parent and person you can be. The changes you put in place will reverberate throughout all of your relationships.

How does this work?

You can call me or email at any time to request a free phone consultation (olivia@mommygroove.com or 917-747-7017). When we speak, I'll ask questions about your situation and explain how I work with clients. If you would like to start working together, we will set up a time for our session. In advance, I will email you some forms to fill out. This will save you time at your first session. During the first appointment or two, I will gather information about your current situation and any relevant details about your history and relationships. We will decide what's critical to work on first and then get to work! I will offer tools on day one so that you may start to see positive change as soon as possible.

For therapy clients, during the first sessions, we will look at ways for you to start feeling better today, not months from now. Parents don't have time to waste, and my goal is to get you feeling like yourself again, as soon as possible. Next sessions will focus on techniques to help you feel calm and in control, as well as insight into patterns and behaviors that may be holding you back from living in a balanced, happy way. Armed with these new ways of looking at and interacting with the world, you will begin to see marked improvements in how you feel that will carry on into the future.

For parenting coaching clients, you will receive practical strategies and specific language to start using today. Your time is valuable and my goal is to get you on the path to peaceful parenting right away. We will address both preventive maintenance measures and how to handle those recurring times of stress and power struggles.

Do you take insurance?

At this time, I am an out-of-network provider for psychotherapy clients. I am happy to provide receipts for reimbursement from your insurance company or for your Flexible Savings Plan/Health Savings Account. Contact the number on your insurance card to ask about the behavioral health coverage offered by your plan.

I do accept credit cards and offer a sliding scale for clients with financial hardship. Discounts for paying for a block of sessions in advance are also available.

Why home visits?

In working with new parents as therapy clients, I realized that oftentimes getting out of the house with a new baby was extremely difficult. Finding childcare for an infant was stressful, getting a baby packed and ready to bring to session was tough, and many parents weren't getting the help they needed because of these obstacles. I decided to offer home visits to my therapy clients as a way to provide the help you need when and where you need it. Some clients prefer to mix it up, with some sessions in home and some in the office. Some wish to be seen at home and then move to office visits once their circumstances change. The choice is yours and I work with you to make counseling as convenient as possible. 

Where are your offices?

I have offices in Park Slope (182 8th Avenue, inside Birth Day Presence) and Union Square (41 Union Square West, Suite 820) in New York City.

What kinds of issues do you treat?

I work with therapy clients experiencing anxiety, depression, including postpartum depression, infertility, loss, difficulty sleeping/insomnia, relationship troubles, and any life stressors getting in the way of living in a balanced, happy way. 

I work with parenting coaching clients seeking guidance when facing challenging behaviors from their children, such as tantruming, lying, constant bickering, etc. Parents come to me when they are frustrated that nothing seems to work and they are out of ideas! Many parents are also looking for strategies to calm down and connect with their children and partners again, as parenting has become a joyless chore. Together we develop practical strategies to regain your sense of balance, your sense of humor and to help your family become more peaceful.