Helping families from belly to baby and beyond

Most pregnant parents feel nervous about what to expect and unsure how to prepare emotionally. Sometimes anxiety, stress and sadness starts to take hold and we feel hijacked instead of happy. Olivia offers counseling to help pregnant moms and dads feel calm and prepared for the big changes to come.

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New parenthood can bring a host of conflicting emotions to the the surface. It's easy to get overwhelmed, anxious, irritable and sad. Olivia works with postpartum parents so that new families get off to the best possible start.

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Tantruming two (or ten) year old? Nothing working to get your child to cooperate anymore? Of course you want to help your child be his or her best self, and to feel proud of your own parenting. As a certified peaceful parenting coach, Olivia can help you develop and implement strategies to get you there. Enjoy parenting again by creating connection and using loving guidance.

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About Olivia

Olivia Bergeron, LCSW, founded Mommy Groove Therapy & Parent Coaching to offer counseling, classes, and help to New York City parents and is now pleased to offer parenting coaching to families around the country. Whether you are trying to get pregnant, are expecting, have a new baby or older children, Mommy Groove is here for you. Olivia believes that healthy moms and dads lead to healthy families. When you find your parenting groove, the whole family flourishes. Read more...